F. A. K. E.!


                       Fake Lives, REAL Friendships

F.A.K.E.! is my debut novel. It traces the lives of four professional, married women who appear to be perfect on the outside, but this is just a thin facade over the personal turmoil within each of them.  This quartet of “forty something” super moms are connected by their decades long friendship and their lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. All of them have climbed to the top of their careers and relish their fabulous, over the top lifestyles. They’re decorated like fancy cakes in designer clothes, handbags, and shoes. To the outside, these women are well connected, busy and beautiful, but secretly each of them knows their lives are inauthentic and shallow – simply put, FAKE!


Each of these women discovers her marriage has been tarnished by infidelity and in jeopardy of destruction and must make life-changing decisions that may even jeopardize her freedom.  You're certain to see yourself in at least one of these women.  With whom do you identify? What would YOU do if you were faced with some of these decisions?  How REAL are your friendships?  Are you living authentically or are you FAKE!?

Talking about F.A.K.E.!
on Community Focus with 95.5 WPGC's Guy Lambert

"Vivian Luke captures the lavish lifestyles of the FAKES, and artfully enables us to go behind the designer exteriors to get a peek into what is really going on in each of the characters’ lives.  While aspects of their lives may not be authentic, their decades long, deep rooted friendships are absolutely REAL!"

April Ryan

White House Correspondent American Urban Radio Networks & CNN Political Contributor; Author, The Presidency in Black and White and Under Fire: Reporting from the Front Lines of the Trump White House; 2016 NAACP Image Award Nominee, Essence Top 10 books of 2015, African American Literary Show Inc. 2015 Best Non Fiction Award