Many years ago I was told that when a man says you’re pretty he sees your face but, when he says you’re beautiful he sees your heart. Life can be hard at times – taking you through many loops and turns and, as a consequence, the light in you may appear to dim for a while.

Don't allow a life-altering situation, e.g., divorce, illness, job loss, etc., to become the cloak that covers the beautiful woman within you! What has happened in your life, without question, has chipped away your sense of self. Circumstances may have even caused you to doubt your worth and value in the world. You may feel invisible or unappreciated. Your physical presence may have even been altered as a result of a your illness or perhaps a physically abusive relationship but something much brighter and purer lays beneath it all. There is a YOU – an essence and an aura that is unique to you and you alone. It is not shared with another soul on the planet as it is yours. And, therefore, you are a gift to us. The uniqueness of you is what we all see and feel as you gracefully make your way through this world. You are a gift to the world and we deserve to see – no, we need to see and experience your essence whenever and wherever we are blessed to encounter you. If we meet in the grocery store I need to see it. When we speak at the office I need to see it. When we see you in the parking lot at our kid’s school we need to see it. You carry “it” everywhere you go and we need to see the true essence of the beautiful unique YOU because there is none other like you anywhere.

Notwithstanding all that you may be going through, have overcome, or are facing, the BEAUTIFUL YOU that lives within deserves to emerge once more. The darkness you feel is real but doesn't deserve the keys to your spirit. You were artfully crafted by our Creator and were filled to the brim with gifts and a beauty that is too extraordinary for description. Your gifts and your essence are real! Therefore, they must be shared and, when they are your gifts and your essence will be seen and appreciated by the rest of us because we will recognize the blessing that is in our midst.

Don’t allow yourself to wallow any longer in whatever is holding you back – pain, hurt, betrayal, envy, jealousy, conflict, confusion, distrust, discouragement, frustration, etc. – you have too much to do! The reality is YOU ARE STILL HERE! Press on and get on with your life — some how, one day at a time – but know you are not alone. Seek guidance and a well lit path from God and he will answer you. He will give you the strength you seek and a resolve to get through it all. You will find yourself smiling when only tears make sense. You will acquire a quiet strength that will become visible to all. Why not start now by giving yourself credit for all that you have been through and, may still be going through and SMILE at the BEAUTIFUL YOU INSIDE! Begin by seeing and appreciating the BEAUTIFUL YOU by:

  • Not judging yourself

  • Accepting only TRUTH in your life

  • Spending time ALONE

  • Laughing at your "imperfections"

  • Not taking yourself seriously

  • Being KIND to YOURSELF

  • Making time to reflect on your SUCCESSES

  • Giving yourself credit for getting this far

  • Being THANKFUL for YOU

  • Recognizing how SPECIAL you really are

  • Choosing to BELIEVE in YOURSELF

  • TRUSTING yourself

  • Choosing to LOVE YOURSELF

  • Ridding yourself of the HATERS

  • Not being defined by your experiences or circumstances but understanding that they are part of the wonderful lessons of life

You’re beautiful and you’re a gift! But no one will see it if YOU don’t see it and BELIEVE it first. Beauty really does come forward from within. It oozes out through the pores and illuminates the being. Your soul will smile again because you are alive in you and you will begin to see the beautiful you once more. No more excuses. Begin seeing the BEAUTIFUL YOU today!

[Photo credit – Beautiful Laughing Black Girl © Jason Stitt – September 4, 2012.]

#Beauty #Selfesteem

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